Casino dealers wear the uniform provided by the casino — usually a shirt and a waistcoat, and black formal trousers, or a black dress if they are female dealers.

Casino dealers may also be required to wear a name badge. Shoes should be black.

Uniform and personal appearance influences the image that casinos portray to their customers. Therefore, casino dealers must look their best and adhere to dress policies at all times.

Casino pit bosses and managers wear either a different, more formal uniform, or simply their own clothes.

Example of casino dealer uniforms

What do male casino dealers wear?

Typically, male casino dealers wear a waistcoat, black trousers, and black shoes (no trainers).

Depending on the company uniform, they may also have to wear a tie or bowtie.

If the atmosphere of the casino is a bit more formal, male dealers may wear a suit jacket as well as black formal shoes.

Because dealers should look professional, uniform colors are usually black and white, or just black, although any color combination is possible, including stylish/flashy ones.

What do female casino dealers wear?

Female casino dealers usually wear a black dress. In live (online) casinos, they may have a slightly less formal dress.

In some casinos, however, the uniform will be the same for both male and female dealers — usually a shirt and a waistcoat.

Dealers may be discouraged from wearing jewellery that is too flashy or colorful; in some casinos it will not be allowed.

Hairstyle should not be too extravagant, and hair color should be natural — no bright colors.

What do poker dealers wear?

The atmosphere is usually a bit more relaxed in poker rooms. This doesn’t just apply to the dealer’s procedures, but the way people dress, too.

Poker players may be allowed to wear sporty, comfortable clothes, and even hats.

Poker dealers usually have the same uniform as blackjack dealers, but in some cases their uniform will be less formal — it could be as simple as a polo shirt, or even a black t-shirt.

Freelance poker dealers have no standard uniform, but should still dress professionally.

For example, they could wear a black shirt, black formal trousers, and black shoes.

Casino dealers: personal appearance

Anything that looks unprofessional or offensive can negatively affect the casino’s image.

Of course, this includes staff appearance, which is why virtually all casinos have rules about it, although some are more flexible than others.

What we wear and the way we look influence how others see us, whether we like it or not.

An elegant but discreet appearance conveys a positive impression to customers.

This is especially important in casinos because the atmosphere plays a big role — people visit casinos not just to gamble, but because the atmosphere is unique and that alone makes for a great night out.


In general, visible tattoos are not allowed, especially if potentially offensive.

Tiny, discreet tattoos on the dealer’s hands or forearms may be allowed, but anything too crazy (e.g. face tattoos) are forbidden.


Any type of jewellery that may make it easier to hide chips, or cheat in any way, will usually be discouraged or forbidden. An example of this is watches.

In general, casino dealers may wear jewellery at the company’s discretion, but anything too colorful or flashy will probably be a no-no.


Much like tattoos, piercings that are visible are not allowed in most casinos (ear piercings may be an exception).

Unfortunately, even the most discreet piercings can look unprofessional, and personally I’ve never seen casino dealers wearing them.

Again, different casinos have different rules, but I seriously doubt management would allow them.


Any hairstyle that looks too strange or stylish, in a bad way, will usually be discouraged or forbidden.

I’ve seen at least two dealers being told off by management because of a new haircut — one of them was a guy with a faux hawk who eventually had to shave his hair off to keep his job as a dealer.

Also, hair color should look natural. Colors like bright green, pink, or blue probably won’t be allowed if you work as a dealer.


No blackjack player is ever going to stare at your shoes (if anything, they’ll stare at the shoe) but footwear should look professional nevertheless.

Casino dealers usually have to wear black formal shoes. “Smart” black shoes will probably be fine, but trainers are not allowed.

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