Full-time casino dealers usually make $3 to $15 per hour plus tips. In the US, tips can be pretty good, and the total yearly income can reach $60,000 or more. In the UK, tips tend to be much lower and this translates to an average yearly income of about £25,000.

As for Europe, this varies from country to country. In high income countries such as Switzerland or Germany, the average seems to be around €20 to €30 per hour including tips, whereas in other European countries casino dealers earn much less.

In general, the base pay for casino dealers is quite low, even for senior dealers. If a dealer has an above average income, that’s almost always because of the gratuities, especially if they are not taxed.

Casino dealer salaries compared

To give you an idea of the average hourly pay for casino dealers, here are some numbers from actual job ads in the US and the UK.

All the following refer to full-time jobs and do not include tips or bonuses.

CasinoHourly Pay

I also found dealer jobs for $20 to $35 per hour but in this case tips were included.

Some dealers earn more tips than others simply because of their skills and personality.

An experienced dealer will usually be faster and this translates to more hands per minute on blackjack, more spins per hour on roulette, and the same for all other casino games.

And a friendly personality, plus great customer service, can only increase the chances the players will tip well.

That being said, the amount of tips earned each month depends mostly on 1) the casino itself and 2) whether the dealers keep their own tips or share them with everyone else.

How much casino dealers make in tips

In the US, tips are expected. It’s part of the culture. In the UK, and Europe, not so much.

This alone is a huge difference.

The income of a casino dealer who works in the UK will usually depend on their hourly pay, let’s say £10 per hour, plus tips, which won’t be spectacular.

Conversely, the income of a casino dealer in the US will usually be based on the average amount of tips received each week/month as this will often be higher than the wage itself.

For instance, he or she may only get paid $3 an hour by the house, but then earn up to $30 per hour or more from the tips.

Do casino dealers keep their tips?

This depends exclusively on the procedures of the casino they work in.

In most casinos, tips will be shared. This means all tips from all games will be put into a collective pot, which will then be divided according to how many hours each dealer has worked.

In some casinos, dealers actually get to keep their own tips, and this often results in more money, especially if the dealer is experienced.

Cruise ship casino dealers

I have never worked on cruise ships but know a few dealers who did. They all enjoyed the experience although they wouldn’t do it again — it’s not a long-term thing for those who want to settle down.

As for the money, dealers on cruise ships often get a ridiculously low hourly pay, about $3 or so, but then the tips are quite good.

For example, I’ve met a dealer who worked on a cruise ship for one year and made about $37,000, and saved at least 80 percent of it just because he never had to pay for food or rent.

And yes, the food isn’t always great, and you don’t sleep in the most luxurious hotel room. But you never have to worry about these things and you end up saving most of what you earn.

How much casino dealers make: summary

In the US, the base pay of a casino dealer can be as low as $3 per hour, but tips are generally quite good. A full-time casino dealer usually earns between $35,000 and $50,000, with some having a six-figure income (rare).

In the UK, the base pay of a casino dealer will be the minimum (currently £9.50 per hour) or slightly more, especially in London. Tips aren’t spectacular, and most full-time dealers earn between £20,000 and £40,000.

The amount of tips received depends on different factors including:

  • Whether tips are expected or not
  • Whether dealers are allowed to keep them, or share them
  • Whether they work in a high income country
  • Whether tips are taxed by the government
  • Whether the casino attracts high rollers/good tippers

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