Ready to host your own casino theme party?

If you’ve never done it before, it can seem a little daunting. I mean, how exactly do you recreate the atmosphere of a casino?

The good news is that this will be your own party. And unlike a real casino, there won’t be any strict procedures.

So… here are 33 ideas to spark your creativity!

And if you can think of another cool casino theme party idea, please let me know by leaving a comment at the end.

Casino theme party decorations

Casino balloons

If you can find (or create) card suit shaped balloons, or balloons with casino style decorations, then go for it.

But you don’t need to buy those — it could be as simple as buying a set of balloons whose colors match those of casinos. Think of gold, white, and black.

Dice pillows

For extra comfort (and style) you can get a few colorful, giant, fuzzy dice pillows or cushions.

Basically a set of giant dice that can be put on the couch, or even on the floor, which will instantly remind your guests of casinos and casino games.

Card suits

There are endless applications for this, but I think bunting is one of the coolest and easiest.

You could just get a few sheets of red and black paper, cut them into the proper shapes, and attach them to a string.

Croupier teddy bear

Steiff — a famous brand of high quality stuffed animals — once made a limited edition of a teddy bear that looks like a casino dealer, or a croupier.

You may not be able to get that one, but you could still get a big teddy bear and dress it in your own casino style clothing items. Cute!

Fake money

Bit of an obvious one. Although most gamblers just use chips, you can play casino games with notes as well.

So make your dinner table extra stylish by adding a few fake money napkins. Or just put a few piles of fake notes on the table.

Giant playing cards

A deck of jumbo playing cards is ideal for both playing (we’ll see a few games in a minute) and decorations in general.

They are usually not too expensive and there are different sizes available. Like, slightly bigger than regular playing cards, much bigger, and huge.

Giant poker chips

Like those in Reno. Not easy to find, but there are a few online poker stores that sell them.

You probably won’t be able to use them to play an actual game of poker, but they look cool and can be placed anywhere around the room.

Casino style carpets

Not sure whether it’d be worth it to purchase a set of carpets for a single theme party, but it had to be in this list.

It’s well known that casino carpets have colorful, intricate patterns which look very unique. It’s not clear why — some say it’s to make customers stay awake, or to make them feel they’re in a different dimension.  

Colorful lighting

Human beings find bright colors very attractive, including those of casino games and slot machines.

Make your casino theme party look awesome by setting up unique lighting. I’d say purple and red lights would be the best. Just don’t overdo it.

Roulette wall clock

What’s the time? It’s… casino party time! Specifically, roulette.

Not only can you find roulette clocks online for cheap — you could even make your own by simply drawing or printing the roulette wheel on a white clock.

Poker table

Why not make the dinner table look like an actual poker table?

No need to do anything too complicated or expensive — a green felt, a deck of playing cards, and a bunch of dice chips is all you need, really.

Las Vegas sign

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas. The 25-foot-tall sign, which was erected in 1959, is now one of the most iconic Vegas sights.

For your casino theme party, you could buy a tiny one — either a sticker or an actual sign. It all depends on your budget and where you’re hosting the party.

Playing card wall art

Similarly, relevant wall art can make your party look super cool. You could print or draw a few giant playing cards yourself (not too difficult) or actually purchase a painting or print.

Anything related to gambling and casinos will do — the Vegas Strip, a roulette or poker table, or even just a quote.

Playing card costumes

Ever seen a high quality, realistic playing card costume? Do a quick google search and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful some of them look.

This kind of costume would work well for other theme parties as well. Personally I’ve never seen anyone dress as the queen or king of hearts, and I’m sure it’d look great.

Card suit tees

And if costumes aren’t your thing, then you can always get a bunch of white T-shirts and draw (or print) a playing card index and a suit on them.

Not what a gambler would actually wear. But for a poker or casino theme party, they would work well.

Casino theme party games

Five card draw

This is basically the easiest poker variant, which is why it’s the first on the list. Hold’em is more popular, but in terms of rules five card draw is ideal for beginners.

Each player is dealt five cards face down, and each player has the option to change one, two, three, four, or even all five cards. Whoever has the best hand (e.g. a straight) wins.

poker hand

Texas Hold’em

Provided you’re not playing with real money (which could actually be illegal), then you don’t need to take the game too seriously, and it’s okay if you don’t know all the rules.

Each player gets two cards face down, and there are four betting rounds. Whoever has the highest five-card hand (using e.g. one hole card and four community cards) wins. Unless you get your opponents to fold.


I’m not referring to an actual roulette table — if you can afford it, then by all means get one, but for a full roulette bundle (table, wheel, chips, and chairs) expect to pay roughly $10,000.

What you could do is get one of those tiny, toy-like roulette tables from an online store and just play for fun. No need to use the complex payouts, it could be as simple as whoever spins zero first wins.


Can you play blackjack with only two players, even at home? You can indeed!

Blackjack is ideal for a casino theme party because it’s a very simple game and theoretically you don’t even need chips to play. Just one or two decks of cards, that’s it.


Not as fun as blackjack, and you have to know the drawing rules (whether you draw a third card or not depends on the score of the player/banker).

But a nice alternative if you ever get bored of blackjack or all the poker variants.

Three card poker

If you played three card poker in an actual casino, then there would be at least three different types of bets available, and the dealer could qualify or not depending on their hand.

But when playing at home, or wherever you’re hosting the casino party, then it can be as simple as dealing three cards to each player and see whoever has the highest hand.

Casino theme party food

Las Vegas cake topper

Remember when I mentioned the iconic Las Vegas sign? Well, there are cake toppings that look like it, too.

So if you were thinking of ordering a cake as well, then consider putting the sign on top of it, because it would look… fabulous. Like Vegas.


No casino theme party would ever be complete without some proper cocktails. Any drinks will do, but cocktails just remind you of the casino atmosphere. And parties in general, of course.

Pick one or two that don’t require too many ingredients and delight your guests with them. Mocktails are great too.

Roulette cake

Not something you can make yourself, unless you’re some kind of professional cake artist.

But the shape of the roulette wheel can easily be used to create an original cake, which would be guaranteed to amaze all your guests. As a bonus, you could then pick the slice with your favorite number.

Buffet style table

Buffets are popular in casinos, so consider doing something similar for your theme party.

Ideal if you don’t want to spend too much time on the dinner, plus guests will be able to eat whenever they want, including when playing card games.

Red and black candy

Have you decided your theme party colors? Such as red and black, which are used in playing cards as well as some popular casino games?

Then why not try and find food that has the same colors? Candy comes to mind, but it could be any food, including the drinks/cocktails.

Card suit dishes

They’re cool and kind of cute at the same time. Basically, tiny dishes for dipping sauce, or crisps/nuts.

But for a casino theme party, you can buy ones that are shaped like spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Or just diamonds, if you can’t find all four.


And feel free to make these look like playing card suits as well.

Canapes are delicious and ideal for any type of party. Plus, you can use so many different ingredients, and it helps if some of your guests have intolerances or special diets.

Casino theme party invitations

Casino chip invite

Meaning: an invitation card that looks like a casino chip. I don’t recommend using a circular shape, though — difficult to find or create.

So you could either use a regular rectangular letter, and draw a circle on it, or use a letter with rounded corners and make it look like a plaque (a larger, high denomination chip, usually slightly bigger than a credit card).

Giant playing card

As we’ve seen, the shape and design of playing cards make it easy to use them as a template for your theme party.

This includes the invitation letter, and you don’t need to draw a picture card, such as the king of clubs. Just the index and the suits are enough.

Image with text

And if you want to make it super simple, but still stylish, then you can simply download a picture from the internet (e.g. a roulette table in black and white) and put some text on it.

You could even send the image via email or through an app. You’d save time and you wouldn’t need to meet the person in advance. Nice and easy.

Custom casino chips (gift)

You want your casino theme party to be memorable. An inexpensive but unique gift could be custom casino chips, and you can easily order them online.

The design doesn’t need to be spectacular — even just a text would be enough as long as it’s your own design.

Fancy playing cards (gift)

Another great idea if you want to surprise your friends and give them a gift. Keep in mind, it could be just a single deck — for example, whoever wins the game you’re playing also wins the deck.

There are dozens of special playing cards available online (or even offline, if you can find a magic shop near you) and some of them are a work of art.

Casino theme party ideas: list

  • Casino balloons
  • Dice pillows
  • Card suits
  • Croupier teddy bear
  • Fake money
  • Giant cards
  • Giant chips
  • Casino style carpet
  • Colorful lights
  • Roulette wall clock
  • Poker table
  • Las vegas sign
  • Casino wall art
  • Casino costumes
  • Card suit tees
  • Five card draw
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Mini roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Three card poker
  • Vegas cake topper
  • Cocktails
  • Roulette cake
  • Buffet table
  • Colored food
  • Card suit dishes
  • Canapes
  • Casino chip invite
  • Playing card invite
  • Image invite
  • Custom casino chips
  • Fancy deck

Can you think of another casino theme party idea? Whether it’s for the food, decoration, games, or anything else? Click the button below and leave a comment!