In Casinos in the UK, there is usually no set dress code.

Customers are expected to dress smart, but casual is probably fine unless you wear inappropriate clothing. In the UK, casinos do not allow hats and sunglasses for security reasons. Exclusive clubs in London have a more formal dress code.

Planning a visit to a casino in the UK?

In this article I’ll share four tips regarding the dress code and what to wear.

You’ll also find a brief explanation of what you cannot wear in casinos (in the UK and everywhere else).

1. Ask the casino in advance

If you’re really concerned about what to wear, or not to wear, when visiting a new casino — just call the casino, or send an email, in advance.

I’ve been working in a few casinos in the UK and this whole article is based on what I’ve seen personally over the years.

But ultimately each casino has its own dress code, so the only people who can tell you with absolute certainty what you should wear there are the casino staff.

I remember I visited an upscale casino in London a few years ago, and was very surprised to see that the dress code (or at least the way the regulars dressed up) was way less formal than I thought it’d be.

So if you’re not so sure, don’t just read an article online — ask the casino in advance.

P. S. You may want to check whether the dress code changes depending on weekdays, e.g. a more formal dress code may be required on weekends.

2. Don’t dress to impress

Here’s the thing — unless we’re talking about the most exclusive clubs in London, the atmosphere in casinos (in the UK) is not as formal as you may think.

So in general, you shouldn’t wear any overly formal outfit. If you do, no one’s going to complain, but you may feel a bit awkward… because it’ll probably be just you.

Think of going to a casino as a fun night out. You want to look your best, but as long as you look presentable, you’ll be fine.

In Europe, there are casinos where the dress code is quite formal.

But if you’re in the UK then chances are you don’t really need to worry about what you’re wearing as long as you look good.

So don’t overthink it.

3. Dress in layers

Not exactly a dress code tip, but still something to keep in mind before your visit.

Casinos are notoriously cold — most of them anyway.

The idea is that in any environment that is too warm, customers may feel sleepier and end up leaving sooner.

Or, they would stay for a bit, but stop playing. That would mean less money for the casino. So generally the temperature is quite low.

So my advice would be to dress in layers. Wear several pieces of clothing because the casino may be hot, or really cold.

Also, if you end up staying until late, your body temperature may drop.

4. Don’t dress like a bum

Obvious one, you may say.

But as a casino dealer I’ve seen many customers who would simply show up and literally look like homeless people.

Most of them were not allowed in; some of them managed to get in anyway, but got a few stares.

So use common sense — no need to wear the most formal outfit, but do look neat.

No damaged clothes, no baggy trousers, no beachwear.

Can you wear a hoodie in a casino?

Hoodies are usually acceptable provided there are no offensive or inappropriate logos.

However, if you do wear a hoodie, do not cover your head.

Besides looking bad, you probably won’t be allowed to play just because the eye in the sky won’t be able to see your face.

This is one of the reasons most (if not all) UK casinos do not allow hats unless you play poker.

Can you wear sneakers in a casino?

If the dress code is formal, then you may not be allowed in if you’re wearing sneakers.

But in 99 percent of casinos in the UK they are perfectly fine. So yes, you can wear sneakers.

Flip flops and slippers are a different story, and we’ll cover that in a minute.

Can you wear jeans in a casino?

Yes, you can wear jeans in casinos in the UK provided the design is not offensive or inappropriate.

For example, extreme distressed jeans are definitely not acceptable. But jeans in general are fine.

Again, use common sense.

There are a few items that are (usually) not allowed in casinos in the UK, as well as casinos worldwide — have a look at the following list…

Things not to wear in a casino (UK)

  • Extreme ripped jeans
  • Flip flops/slippers
  • Sleeveless T-shirts
  • Sunglasses
  • Masks and costumes
  • Overly revealing outfits
  • Gym wear
  • Workwear
  • Hats (unless you play poker)
  • Damaged clothing
  • Inappropriate/offensive clothing

Poker dress code (UK)

Generally speaking, rules and procedures are a bit more relaxed in the poker room.

This applies to the dress code as well.

Keep in mind, relaxed doesn’t mean you can wear anything — have another look at the list above if you’re not sure.

Even if you play poker only, avoid anything too casual, and definitely avoid anything inappropriate.

I’ve seen a few poker players wear weird outfits, but it can be embarrassing and you may not be allowed in, so why take the risk?

London casino dress code

Casinos like the Hippodrome and the Empire don’t really have a formal dress code — they are pretty much like other casinos in the UK.

But then there are the really exclusive casinos in London. Regrettably, the famous Ritz Club closed after the lockdown in 2020, but you can still visit:

  • Les Ambassadeurs
  • Grosvenor Park Tower
  • Playboy Club
  • Genting Crockfords
  • Genting Palm Beach
  • Colony Club

If I have missed any, apologies.

Either way, it is very likely that the dress code in these six clubs will be formal.

Best thing you can do is contact the casino in advance and ask how formal the dress code is.

You may get away with smart casual, or you may be expected to wear a jacket and a tie.

Also, some of these are members only — you can’t just walk in as a visitor.