If you like being a casino dealer, sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a job.

But it is, and to get hired, you’ll almost always have to pass a job interview.

Here are eight very common (and very important) casino dealer interview questions, with an explanation for each one.

I have divided these into questions for trainees and questions for experienced dealers, but they’re all relevant regardless of the seniority of the role you apply for.

Here we go…

Trainee dealer interview questions

Some casinos have training schools, which means you can get paid to learn the job.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to be trained in an actual casino, and learn all the procedures of the casino you’ll be working for, which is a big advantage.

To get trained as a casino dealer you’ll have to pass an interview and show that you are actually interested in the job.

Here are three common trainee dealer interview questions…

“Tell us about yourself”

It’s a very common interview question in general — it acts as an ice breaker, and gives management some basic information about yourself.

I have been asked this question during every single casino job interview I’ve had, and chances are it’ll be the same for you.

What you should say: there is no specific answer to this question. Just make sure your answer is somehow relevant to the job.

So for example, you can mention that you like working with people, or that you like gambling. Or, you can tell the interviewer about your previous job experience.

Don’t say anything about your personal life, or your hobbies (unless you believe they are an advantage, e.g. playing poker).

Relax, and try to be confident. Also, be spontaneous. There is no need to keep talking forever. A concise answer is as good as a long one.

“Why do you want to become a dealer?”

Seriously, why? You didn’t just mass mail your resume, did you?

In this case the goal of the interviewer is to find out whether you are truly interested in the job, and whether you truly have the motivation to become a good dealer.

Someone who is unmotivated or uninterested will end up leaving the job relatively soon, and cost the casino a lot of time and money, especially if you need to be trained.

What you should say: mention your personality traits and interests that show you’re a good fit, that show you can excel at dealing.

Most importantly, tell the interviewer you like casinos, or casino games (even if you’ve never dealt them before).

Or, tell them you like to interact with people and you really like the atmosphere. Make sure you communicate enthusiasm and motivation.

“Are you available to work nights and weekends?”

Las Vegas at night

Considering most casinos are open 24/7, and considering most customers play table games at night, this is a bit of an obvious question.

However, management does need to be 100 percent sure you will be available to work nights, or shift patterns.

And depending on which state or country you’ll be working in, this question may actually be a legal requirement (it is in the UK).

What you should say: yes. That’s it.

Experienced casino dealer interview questions

These are questions that are more frequently asked if you already have experience in casinos.

Keep in mind, proficiency in terms of dealing will be assessed during the table test — it’s difficult to evaluate technical skills by simply asking questions.

“Do you hold a license?”

Different states/countries have different legal requirements, but in general you will need to hold a license to deal casino games.

And if you do, that’s going to be easier and faster for the casino to employ you.

That being said, if your license has expired, or if you have one that’s not suitable (for instance, because so far you’ve been working abroad), it shouldn’t be an issue.

Just be aware it may take you longer to start the new job.

“Why do you want to work here?”

Alright, you’ve worked as a dealer before. You have the experience. You like the job.

But why our casino? Management wants to know the reason you’ve chosen their casino over other ones.

What you should say: don’t hold a neon sign that says you’re desperate and this was the only job available.

Be honest, of course, but try to answer in a way that shows you genuinely appreciate the opportunity.

Think: can you gain more experience in this casino? Can you become a supervisor? Have you heard it’s a good workplace? Have you seen positive employee reviews online?

Again, the goal is to communicate that you’re motivated.

“Tell us about a time you dealt with a difficult situation”

This is another common interview for virtually all jobs.

By asking this question, the interviewer will try and find out whether you truly have the experience required, and whether you take your job seriously and are proactive (it’s a buzzword and I hate it, but you get the point).

What you should say: if you’ve been working in casinos long enough, you can probably think of at least a dozen examples.

This is because as a croupier you have to deal to (and with) all sorts of people, and there’s always money involved, and that can easily lead to stressful situations.

So just mention any example you can think of — a dispute, a mistake, someone trying to cheat, a drunk player, anything.

And if the way you “dealt with a difficult situation” was to simply call the pit boss over, that’s more than enough.

As a casino dealer, your authority and responsibilities are actually limited, and all important decisions should be taken by management.

“Define great customer service”

Generally speaking, customer service in casinos is pretty important.

As a dealer, you must be able to adapt because some customers will be the friendliest customers ever, some won’t say a single word, some will lose and complain, and so on.

What you should say: ultimately, customer service means the customer has a good experience.

What I would say, personally, is that you need to be aware of the customer’s needs, and be proactive (I hate this word so much).

Ideally, you’re the kind of person who goes the extra mile, and whenever a customer needs anything, you’re not afraid to help them out, or ask a colleague if you’re not sure.

“Do you enjoy dealing?”

In my opinion, the most important question.

Passion is key, especially with this job. The dealers who are passionate become really good, and eventually get promoted (if they want to).

I’ve seen this in all casinos I’ve worked for.

I’ve also seen the opposite — meaning, trainee dealers who were not motivated, or hated the job for whatever reason, who ended up quitting within a few months or even weeks.

What you should say: mention all the things you like about the job!

Is it the job itself, the chance to interact with some pretty interesting people, your love for poker or any of the games, the hours (yes, some people like working nights)?

Always be honest and spontaneous. It’s impossible to like everything about your job, right?

What matters is that the pros outweigh the cons, and that overall you enjoy the job, and that’s what the interviewer wants to hear.

Casino dealer interview: the table test

To get hired as an experienced dealer, you’ll usually have to show off your skills at the table.

In some cases, you may be able to do this online — the interviewer will pretend they’re playing a game and ask you to calculate the payouts, or any other technical questions.

But in general, it will be an actual test at one of the tables.

Depending on the role advertised, this could be the easiest test ever, or a very difficult one.

For instance, a trainee dealer (who’s just completed a course, or a school) will usually have to prove they know the basics. Nothing too complex.

On the other hand, a senior dealer (or supervisor/inspector/pit boss) will have to have in-depth knowledge of the games and excellent skills.

Keep in mind, some of the questions/tasks/payouts may be designed to throw you off guard, and it’s okay if you can’t work them out instantly.

If you make a mistake during the test, don’t freak out, just keep calm and carry on — you will be judged based on your overall performance, not that single mistake.

Good luck!

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