Yes, blackjack can be played with only 2 players, including the dealer.

Typically, blackjack tables have seven boxes, which means there can be up to 7 players (or 21 if they are allowed to bet behind). But as long as there is a dealer and a player, you will be able to play the game.

Some casinos have a rule where there must be at least two bets for the hand to begin.

In that case, if it’s just you playing, then you would have to bet on two boxes.

Although it may be difficult to find an empty blackjack table, playing alone can have advantages, for instance:

  • You won’t have to wait for other players to make a decision (the game will be faster)
  • No one will influence your play style e.g. by taking a card when they should have stayed
  • It will be easier to follow the game, and mistakes (yours, or the dealer’s) will be less likely
  • There won’t be any drunk or annoying players distracting you

As a dealer, I’ve seen blackjack players request private tables for one or more of these exact reasons.

Of course, the game is usually more enjoyable if there are other players as well. It all depends on why and how you want to play.

Playing blackjack with 2 players at home

Blackjack cards

Although casino blackjack tables are, literally, the real deal — the game can also be played at home with a friend.

If you’ve never played before and plan to go to a casino, playing with a friend first is actually a pretty good idea. You’ll familiarize yourself with the game without spending any real money.

And all you need is a deck of cards: when playing at home, chips are optional. It’s not like poker, where you need a few stacks of chips to play.

If it’s just two of you, then one of you will be the dealer, and one will be the player. You can do a round each.

Remember, the dealer always has a small advantage in blackjack — otherwise why would casinos let you play?

Can you play blackjack by yourself?

You cannot play blackjack by yourself — that’s not how the game works. In blackjack, there must be a dealer and a player, so a minimum of two people. That being said, you can still practice blackjack by yourself by simply dealing the cards.

You can pretend to be the dealer, and deal the cards to one or more imaginary players, as well as to yourself.

Once again, you don’t necessarily need casino chips. You can simply write down who wins/loses.

How many players do you need for blackjack?

In casinos, it could be just you.

As explained previously, some casinos will not allow you to play by yourself unless you bet on two boxes.

And in some casinos there may be a minimum of two players before the dealer can start the game (I’ve never seen this personally, but each casino has its own rules).

But chances are you will be able to play on your own. A bit awkward maybe, but the game will be faster.

Now, if you’re playing at home, just for fun, then as long as there’s a dealer and a player, you’re good to go.

Typically, blackjack tables (the ones you see in casinos) have seven boxes, therefore they can accommodate up to seven players; more if betting behind other players is allowed.

If you’re playing with friends, then it doesn’t really matter. There could be just one box, or twenty. But good luck dealing the cards (and paying winning bets) on twenty different boxes.

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