If you work as a casino dealer, your uniform will usually be provided by the company. But what about footwear?

Although not as important as your shirt or dress, shoes should be chosen carefully.

If you’re wondering what the best shoes for casino dealers are, consider these three things…

1. Casino dealers must wear comfortable shoes

Nobody really cares whether your shoes are comfortable or not. But if you work in a casino, hopefully you do.

Standing for long periods of time is a requirement for all casino dealers. You may get to sit down from time to time if you deal baccarat, but during most of your shift you will have to stand.

Over time, this may cause pain or tension in your knees or feet, including plantar fasciitis. It happened to me when I first started dealing, and I know a few dealers who had the same experience.

Therefore, it is vital that casino dealers choose shoes that are comfortable.

Personally, what I look for is shoes with a soft insole. This allows for better comfort and support, even when standing for long periods of time.

If that’s not enough for you, consider getting custom insoles.

Also, regardless of which shoes you wear, stretch your feet daily if they hurt. The easiest way is to simply sit on your knees for a few seconds.

2. Casino dealers must wear black shoes

Unless the contract specifies otherwise.

As part of their uniform, casino dealers usually wear black trousers or skirts.

So shoes of a different color would probably look odd.

As a dealer who’s been working in British casinos, I always had to wear black shoes, and so did my coworkers.

So I’d say at least here in the UK, black shoes are the rule, and I imagine it’s pretty much the same in casinos worldwide.

Black is a nice elegant color, and croupiers must look smart and professional at all times. Which leads us to the last thing to consider…

3. Casino dealers must wear smart shoes

Sneakers are not allowed, but you probably won’t have to wear the most formal shoes either.

In most casinos, the rule is that as long as you wear black, smart shoes, then you’ll be fine. It all depends on where you work.

If you’re not sure, my advice would always be to wear the most comfortable shoes, because unless they clearly look too informal, management won’t really care.

And customers definitely won’t care (I’d be very surprised to see a roulette player complain because of the dealer’s footwear).

Remember, whether your shift is six, eight, or ten hours — you will have to stand, and shoes that are too tight or stiff could cause pain over time.

If you work in a casino, your goal shouldn’t be to “dress to impress”, but to simply be comfortable during your shift.

To recap: if you work as a dealer…

  • Wear shoes with a soft insole, and make sure they feel comfortable; not too tight, not too loose
  • Wear black shoes unless your contract, or management, states otherwise
  • Wear smart footwear; it doesn’t need to be the most elegant but you do have to look professional

Tips to stay comfortable during the shift

  • Bend your legs slightly. Although you have to stand, you don’t have to remain in the same exact position for hours. Especially when there are no players at your table. So every ten minutes or so, change the position of your legs, or bend them slightly, if it helps you feel more comfortable.
  • Don’t wear jewellery. Anything that looks too colorful or flashy is not allowed, but my advice would be to not wear any bracelets, watches, rings, etc. regardless. They make it harder to deal the games and honestly there is no reason you should wear them.
  • Watch your posture. Whether you’re dealing roulette, blackjack, or poker — you will always tend to lean forward. And in terms of efficiency and speed, it can only be a good thing. But it’s not the best posture, so take the time to stretch your shoulders and back, at least during your breaks.
  • Dress in layers. Yes, you have to wear your uniform, but you can still wear an extra shirt if it’s too cold. Late at night, your body temperature tends to drop and there’s nothing worse than having to stand at an empty table and being cold.

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